Do You have Scary Thoughts? Here’s What You Can Do To Stop Them

What are scary thoughts?

You are alone with your baby, sitting on a couch comfortably when suddenly a news article shows up and bombards your TV screen, “a baby was found unattended in the supermarket.” You think yourself what kind of a mother does this; surely you wouldn’t. This is just the beginning of you, but slowly sinking into thoughts of maybe you, yourself, are not a good mother after. You start finding flaws in your parenting techniques. You will start to imagine different ways you could hurt your baby. A sense of guilt will come over and cover you with anguish. These kinds of thoughts are called scary thoughts, and they are not uncommon with new mothers, in fact, all mothers.

Things to understand about scary thoughts

People surrounding us would say that this is the best time of our life. Having a baby is no less than a blessing, but people sometimes fail to realize that it is also one of the most extreme phases that a woman goes through. Feelings of depression and anxiety rise significantly, and this is not uncommon. Feelings of guilt depression and anxiety should not be acknowledged but recognize as a sign of symptoms of stress. They are propagated by reducing the amount of sleep, continuous working, lack of confidence or experience and feelings of isolation.

A woman shouldn’t think that they are a bad mother because they have such thoughts, but this is simply not true. They are not alone in this aspect, and a good person is a person who acknowledges every danger surrounding their loved ones. Sometimes their love gets overwhelmed, and it starts to affect them mentally, giving them paranoia. We must understand that this is only a symptom and lasts for a little while.

How to overcome scary thoughts

  • The first and foremost thing that can help you is to share the thoughts with a loved one and see if they are really paranoia or in the range of believability.
  • Occupy your mind when you are free to distract you from these thoughts. An empty mind can trigger an influx of these scenarios.
  • If you understand that the feelings of depression in society are not going away by sharing, then it is acceptable for you to see a therapist. Getting help in these conditions is the reason why they are present.
  • Overcome this fear by acknowledging that these all thoughts of paranoia. This will be a slow process, but eventually, you will go through.

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