How to care for a newborn when you are sick?


Taking care of a baby is hard enough, and just when you least expect it, you start coughing up a storm. It is a nightmare to go through, but this is something that most of us have experienced. We are only human, and we will get sick. It’s important to know what you will do in such situations beforehand so that you won’t panic and have everything that you need. The important thing is to realize that you will get better and everything will be fine. Though an unavoidable scenario, here are some tips to help you go through this phase. 

Call for a professional

It is not like a parent to go to the doctor for every single cough and sore throat, but when you have a newborn baby, your priorities should change. To be honest, if your baby becomes sick, you will not think twice about calling your doctor. You should give the same importance to yourself. It is also important because you can find out whether the sickness that you have will affect your baby or not. 

Protecting the child from yourself

It is a really scary thought to think that you might be the reason why your baby might suffer. You might become so paranoid that you will not want to come in contact with the child for a long time. This is done with good intentions, but it is not necessary. You have to be careful, but if you are regularly hand washing and not touching the baby too much, it is fine. Resist your urges to give them kisses for a while, but after you get better, there will be no need to hold back. 

Keep feeding

If you are a breastfeeding mother, a thought may arise the wether you should feed or not. Non-serious illness does not transfer by breastfeeding. By keeping on feeding, the antibodies developed might be transferred to the baby, making him or her healthier. 

Ask someone to help

There will come a time that you will be overwhelmed, and the only option would be to ask someone for help. Your partner might be exhausted as well, so asking for a friend or grandparents to come over might be a lifesaver. Let yourself take a rest while others do the chores and take care of your baby.

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