How to Cure Common Cold During Pregnancy

You are pregnant. You cannot take medicines. The last thing you wanted is to catch a common cold. Now that you are struggling with congestion, sore throat, fever, and body ache, you need to do something about before it gets on your nerves. Keep reading to find out how you can cure a common cold during pregnancy.

What Is Common Cold? 

A common cold is a mild form of upper respiratory tract infection caused by viruses. Usually, the common cold goes on its own after completing its cycle. However, since pregnant women have reduced immunity and are more susceptible to suffer from infections. In the absence of proper care, this mild infection can change into a more severe disease that can harm you and your baby. 

How To Cure a Common Cold? 

Several over the counter medicines are available to manage the symptoms of a common cold. However, very few are recommended to be taken during pregnancy. If you have caught a cold, always discuss with your gynecologist before starting any medicine on your own. Nevertheless, the safest drug for reducing the pain and fever in pregnant women is Paracetamol (also known as Acetaminophen). We will not mention other cold treatments here as we do not want our pregnant sisters to start self-medication at any cost. 

 But let us have a look at some home remedies that can help and are devoid of unwanted side effects: 

  • Stay hydrated – One of the best ways to protect your upper respiratory tract during common cold is to keep it well lubricated. The more fluids you take, the sooner your body will heal. Take plenty of water, soups, and chicken/mutton broth (yakhni).
  • Get enough rest – When you rest enough, your body heals up faster. Sleep well, take naps and lie down whenever your body asks for it.
  • Saltwater gargles are best for relieving sore throat.
  • Steam inhalation helps in opening up congested airways.

In any case, if your cold does not seem to get better or your body temperature sparks beyond 102 degrees, it is best to see your doctor. 

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