KARACHI POOR AIR QUALITY ALERT: What you can do to keep your family safe.

Karachi and adjoining areas might witness Poor to Worse Air Quality for next 2-3 days due to recent shift in wind, where high winds are expected to bring lots of Dust and other harmful gases which can cause breathing issues to the masses.

Citizens are advised to Wear masks before going outside and Take all precautions in order to avoid Dust Related issues. Children, pregnant women and elderly are more at risk and special protective measures should be taken.

Here are some simple, effective tips for protecting you and your family from the dangers of Air pollution:

  1. Check daily air pollution forecasts in your area. The color-coded forecasts can let you know when the air is unhealthy in your community.
  2. Limit the amount of time your child spends playing outdoors if the air quality is unhealthy.
  3. It is advised to take a lot of precautions, including wearing face masks and avoiding early morning and late evening walks as concentration of pollutants is highest during this period.
  4. The right mask needs to be worn. Avoid surgical and comfort masks as it doesn’t allow proper respiratory protection. A respirator that is rated N95/N99/FFP3 or is ‘NIOSH Approved’ that filters out more, should be used.
  5. Keeping the body hydrated is the foremost thing in these times and drinking more water would be advisable. One could also consume soups and fruit juice.
  6. A humidifier helps maintaining the moisture level. Do wet mopping frequently.
  7. Keep allergy kit ready with required medicines, inhalers and nebulisers, if any family member has a respiratory illness.
  8. Avoid exercising outdoors when pollution levels are high. Walk indoors, go to a gym or use an exercise machine.
  9. Encourage your child’s school to reduce exposure to school bus emissions. Carpool. Combine trips.
  10. Don’t burn wood or trash. Burning firewood and trash are among the major sources of particle pollution (soot) in many parts of the country.
  11. Don’t allow anyone to smoke indoors and support measures to make all public places tobacco-free.

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