My thoughts on working as front-line worker

Every mother is a hero for her children obviously, but this mother’s day was a special one for those frontline mommies working in this pandemic.

I, Dr. Mehwish Afzal working as E/R specialist in pediatric emergency, Child Life Foundation working as a pediatrician was always a dream struggled hard and still struggling to achieve my goals but 2020 with this covid-19 pandemic affected so badly as back at my home. I have a family 2 cute daughters 8 and 6 MashaAllah.

In early march when the epidemic hit some people asked me to resign when I don’t need money so for why I am risking my family’s life…oh man!! How can I tell them it’s not about money…it’s about inner peace which keeps me alive.

But you know what… I’m nervous too… because I could harm my family if I bring it home…driving back to home when you start thinking what if they get sick or god forbid end up in hospital just because of me… that’s where it starts devastating your mind… and public think we are being selfish asking for our protective gears…how could they??

My organization provides me disposable protective equipment for us…we have gloves masks goggles apron all…working in hot humid atmosphere with all the protective equipment might sweat you inside but it’s necessary for me…believe me!!

The most obvious effect of stress is that I no longer sleep well, as a doctor we are used to be under pressure but have never been under as much pressure as we are now…I don’t believe the numbers being told on media in Pakistan…I believe the numbers are much higher and irony is that we are not prepared …i m worried because if we can’t stop it, if we can’t treat it then I’m afraid we will become the next example of just how bad an epidemic can hit a nation… I’m just praying honestly that it won’t be as bad as it was in Iran or italy…When people say it’s nothing but a Jewish conspiracy to keep you away from deen, to control our bodies etc…That’s where I think blaming government for everything is not right…people should understand we are risking our lives for their safety…

And I will continue to do so whatever the situation…because my live for my profession is eternal…I’m a server that’s my purpose of staying out…but what’s yours???

Please stay home stay safe…

Because I’m out for your safety…but I have a family…I am a mother

Please stay inside for yourself your children and….for my children too.


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