Top Online Options to Shop for Your Little One This EID

We do realize that these are tough times we are living through, but EID is an occasion that reminds us of the reward after hardship, patience and faith. So let us stay positive, and make Eid special for our little ones. A lot of Mums have been looking for options for online purchase for their kids, so our team researched and made a list of online shopping options to make it easier for them.


  1. Khaadi Kids.
  2. Junaid Jamshaid.
  3. Bacha Party.
  4. Gulkariyan. 
  5. Tassels.
  6. Little Bubs.
  7. Zahra by Mahnoor Paro.
  8. Elif naz Pakistan.
  9. Pinks & Blues.
  10. Farzand.
  11. Murtaza Garments.
  12. Kids wear by Huma Arif.
  13. Naqsh by Shahnaz Arif.
  15. The Little Man/ The Little Madam.
  16. Sidra’s Little Closet. (Girls & Boys Eastern Clothes) 
  17. Prince N Princess (Girls & Boys Western Clothes)
  18. Ochre Clothing.


  1. Outfitters.
  2. Zubaidas.
  3. Pepperland
  4. Mayas closet.
  5. Tippitoes.
  6. Minnie Minors.
  7. Export Leftovers – Elo.
  8. Hopscotch.
  9. Mothercare.
  10. ARM Apparels.
  11. Little Baby Mart.
  12. Brands from Abroad.
  13. Bebek Babyshop.
  14. The Lazy Bee.
  15. Baby Planet.
  16. Babyshop.
  17. Baby Mart.
  18. Peekaboo.
  19. Infantino.
  20. Nannay Munnay.
  21. Babies World.
  22. Brand Express.
  23. Royal Infants.
  24. Little Baby Stuff.
  26. Little World.
  27. Little People.
  28. Layette.
  29. Nafees Nomolood.
  30. Mama’s Little.
  31. Junior’s Cart.
  32. Baby Kings & Queens.
  33. Chicco Baby.
  34. Just Baby Mart.
  35. Variety Centre.
This is just a small effort to support our Local brands as well as home based businesses. In the true essence of Ramadan, do not overspend but remember a little purchase might keep these teams afloat in this economic crisis! 

Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments. RAMADAN MUBARAK!

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