Refreshing Shakes and Smoothies for Postpartum Weight Loss

Refreshing Shakes and Smoothies for Postpartum Weight Loss

After a tiring pregnancy, women often find themselves in a struggle to find a balance between wanting weight loss and getting enough nutrition for their child. A good healthy balanced diet makes lactation easier for the mother. Smoothies and shakes are a great way to add fruits and veggies into the diet of mothers, filling them up with minerals and vitamins. Good source of sugar, which is a must for these 24/7 workers. It is a tasty treat that is enjoyed by everyone and can be made by any given ingredients that the person wishes to use depending on the needs of taste. Here are a few examples of a few delicious recipes:

Kale smoothie

It is a green smoothie made from Kale, two fruits (banana and pineapple), and nuts, preferably almonds. It is a great smoothie for you not only to enjoy but see the results of weight loss. If the taste of Kale does not suit you anything else to subside, it can be added.

Strawberry and pineapple smoothie

It is a good replacement for breakfast, which is filled with high calories. It will provide sufficient calories with the added benefit of fruits. It is made by using Greek yogurt.

Green Ginger smoothie

Made by cucumber, ginger, and coconut water, these ingredients give an anti-bloating effect to the body especially to women who have had cesarean births.

Spinach avocado mango smoothie

With a healthy dose of Spinach along with avocado and mango. It provides a good balance between fats, protein, and vitamins.

Berries lemon and Ginger smoothie

It is a great combination of all these ingredients plus a good amount of honey and chia, filling the body with its antioxidizing powers. It will help in the slimming of the body in getting rid of bad cells.

Carrot cake smoothie

Just as the name suggests, this smoothie contains a handful of carrots, also banana Greek yogurt, and other types of fruits. It is also a great detoxifying drink to slim the body and makes you look fresh. You can skip a meal and have this instead which is the healthy alternative. Spices of nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon.

All the shakes provide a great healthy array of choices in a person’s meal. At the end of the day, alternatively, they are way tastier choice than any other meal.

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