Safe Exercises During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy



Now that you have made it to the third trimester, you have entered into the final chapter of your pregnancy. Although the third trimester is a lot going to be like the previous trimesters, it is going to be your most exciting and suspenseful final weeks. However, it is also the time you have to give your mind and body utmost importance. And, the best way is to continue your exercise routine in this trimester or even if you haven’t been involved into any physical activity in your previous trimester, you can surely give it a try now, but start off slowly.

I know, you won’t feel like doing much but the following gentle activities will not only just make you feel better, they will help you in a lot of other ways, especially for labor. Pregnancy workouts reduce the risks of many complications during childbirth and counteract many of the uncomfortable side effects like fatigue, back pain, swelling, etc. Here are three workouts you can do in the third trimester.

  • Walking

Walking is the best form of exercise for expecting mothers. However, in this trimester, you will have to end your jog or running routine until you are fit and fine after the baby is born. The key to walking in the third trimester is reducing the intensity and duration of workouts. If you feel any discomfort during walking, then low it down and pace gently instead.

  • Aqua Aerobics

Swimming can make you feel fantastic during pregnancy. It is an excellent workout because water takes the stress off your ligaments and joints and increase your heart rate for some time. And the best part – swimming has very little or no discomfort. You can do swimming laps on your own or join an underwater aerobics class. However, don’t go swimming for a long period and keep yourself hydrated while doing laps or exercise in the pool.

  • Yoga and Pilates

As the baby grows, you will feel back pain and depression. To decrease the pain, Pilates is a great activity that strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, build core stability for labor, and improve your overall muscles. The gentle movements during Pilate workout target all the major muscle groups and help you keep fit and active physically. The simplest Pilates activity is squat. Inhale through your nose during the squat, then sit back into the squat by using a chair as a support and then stand back up. Do a minimum of eight squats thrice.

Along with Pilates, do yoga regularly. Yoga can impact positively on your mental well-being by easing your anxiety and improving your mood.

A word of caution: Avoid the exercises that require – jumping, hopping, skipping, and bouncing. And, always consult your doctor before commencing exercise and make sure to stop as soon as you feel any discomfort.

Soon you will hold your baby. Until then, keep yourself happy and your body fit and healthy.


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