The day I got exposed and was in quarantine..

The day I got exposed and was in quarantine, I was afraid to go home, the fear of giving it to him seeing him sick is a nightmare I get everyday. When I return from work the only fear I have is to give him the virus. My hands are withering off due to excessive use of sanitizers, the headache due to continuous wearing of N95 and co2 retention. I don’t hug and kiss him anymore the way I did before.

He asked me “ Mom you don’t love me anymore, why don’t you kiss me?” I said “ no baby cuz I love you too much” he looked at me in a skeptical way, his eyes full on wonder, mom will you give me corona? That’s why you are afraid? He knew what was my darkest secret I was hiding….my 8 year old gives me courage, he said nothing will happen to me. We will fight it! Corona se darna nahi larna hai.

When the goings get tough the tough get going!

We will turn back to this time after years and remind ourselves how we got closer mentally and emotionally during this hard time and survived through grit. 

My message is to be kind and considerate to everyone. Whole humanity is suffering at the moment, I’m sure we will come out to be stronger better more God fearing.

Dr.Mehreen Malik, Anesthesia and critical care specialist  at AKUH and mommy of a 8 year old inquisitive child. #ourMoms #ourHeroes

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