Winter Special – How to keep your little one warm

Gone are the days when winters were all about crazy movie nights, tempting winter cuisine, and long drives. Once you are a new mom, everything gets on hold, and all you are worried about is how to keep your little warm.

Newborn babies and infants undergo massive development and growth spurts during the early few weeks of their lives. Unlike adults, their immune systems are still not mature enough to fight common cold and flu. As a mother, your biggest concerns are probably about how to keep your little one warm and we, at ABC for MOMS, have got you covered!

Following are the habits you can adopt to keep your little ones warm during winters:

  • Ensure that your newborn or infant is wearing warm clothes to beat the cold.
  • Keep baby baths as small as possible.
  • Consider creating steam in the bathroom every time you are washing your baby or giving him a bath.
  • Using baby Vicks under your baby’s soles and covering them socks after that have been shown to prevent babies from catching a cold. However, if you are unsure, you may discuss this tip with your child’s paediatrician.
  • If your infant is above 6 months of age, try including an organic chicken broth (yakhni) and mutton broth in their diet during winters. They are power-packed with nutrients and help in keeping your little ones super warm.
  • Avoid taking your little ones out in places that are either too crowded or lack fresh air ventilation, such as malls or colossal family gatherings. Remember, your little is still developing his immune system and can easily catch viruses from other children and adults.
  • Make your own DIY winter oil by slowly cooking one garlic bulb, a handful of carom seeds, a pinch of organic turmeric in about a cup of pure mustard oil. Allow the oil to warm up on slow flame and once the garlic cloves are burnt to black, turn the flame off and let the oil cool down to room temperature. Once cooled, filter the oil and store in an airtight bottle. Use this oil to massage on your little one’s chest, back, soles, behind ears, and on wrists. The magical winter oil will surely work wonders for your baby!
  • Finally, invest in a room heater so that you and your baby stay all cosy and warm during winters.

How do you keep your little ones warm? Let us know in the comment section below!

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