Winter Special: Superfoods For Your Toddlers

Is my toddler eating enough? What are the healthiest foods for my toddler? These are among the two out of countless questions all moms keep asking themselves every now and then. At ABC For MOMS, we are going to answer all such problems and many more!

Before jumping onto the list of superfoods that are healthy for your growing little toddlers, the first and foremost thing you need to know is eating is a habit that is inculcated throughout childhood. Toddlers and children are inherently followers – they follow everything they see the other members of their families doing and eating is nothing different.

Ensure that your family is eating proper, home-cooked meals that have a balanced combination of all food groups. Once your little one has crossed 1 year, he is ready to eat regular table food with the family. Offer everything you eat to your little one – from home-cooked roti and curries to lentils, kababs, eggs, rice, to salads, fruit, and soups.

Below are some of our top favourite superfoods for all toddlers our there!

  • Whole wheat paratha and vegetable omelette – Make these in organic clarified butter (asli ghee), and you’ll have a wholesome breakfast ready in minutes! You can toss in whatever vegetables you have lying in your pantry to increase the overall veg intake. Tomatoes, spring onions, spinach, and olives make a great vegetable omelette.
  • Instant home-made porridge – Super healthy and delicious, porridge is loved by all toddlers. Get some quick-cooking oats or wheat cereal, and cook them in hot milk along with some softened dates for a minute or to. Add in about a tablespoon of dry fruit powder mix. Top it off with some apples or bananas and your delicious and healthy porridge is ready.
  • Make snacking healthy and fun by offering whole foods. Offer fresh fruits, nuts, roasted corn cobs, or even home-made vegetable patties, Chinese rolls, or cheese cutlets. The options are endless, and your toddler will love all of these for sure!
  • Soups – you can make a huge variety of soups with chicken, vegetables, and lentils. Keep trying different combinations and see which ones are tempting your toddler’s taste buds the most!

Did you enjoy reading through our favourite, mouth-watering toddler superfoods recipes? Let us know in the comments section below if you want us to write more!

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