Pain During Second Trimester


Just when the mother is relieved from the terrible bouts of nausea and morning sickness, multiple forms of aches and pain sets in. Second trimester brings with it some specific forms of pain.

In most instances Pain in the second trimester is due to one of the common causes listed below, and the person can be treated at home.

But, in some cases, it might be a sign of something more serious. It is always best to see a doctor if the pain is raising concerns or not relieving.


It is usually caused increased pressure by the growing uterus alongwith the hormonal changes.

Some of the common second trimester pains include:


Round ligament is supposed to support the uterus, but as the uterus grows drastically during the second trimester of pregnancy, the ligament stretches causing inflammation and pain.

Symptoms of round ligament pain include:

  • a sharp or aching sensation, radiating to the front below the lower abdomen or hip
  •  usually presents on one side.
  • more noticeable after exercise or when changing positions

Back pain

About two-thirds of pregnant women develop back pain during pregnancy. Lower back is one of the most common sites for pain to arise during pregnancy, and it usually arises during the second trimester.

The cause for it is usually the increased strain and pressure from the growing abdomen on the back muscles. Changes in posture is also one of the contributing factors.

Symptoms of low back pain include:

  • achy or dull pain in the lower back
  • pain that worsens when bending forward
  • stiffness in the back


Any medication during pregnancy should be taken after discussing it with your doctor. Some pain medications are not safe to take during pregnancy.

Certain complementary therapies may help reduce low back or pelvic pain.


A study involving 191 pregnant women found that complementary therapies, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, and reflexology, reduced symptoms in 85 percent of the participants.

Before trying any of these approaches during pregnancy, it is essential to talk with a doctor.

The following tips and strategies can be followed in your daily routine and might help to relieve or prevent some form of pain:

  • sleeping on the right or left side with a pillow between the legs
  • avoiding standing in one spot for too long
  •  taking a warm (not hot) bath
  •  light stretching to ease stiffness
  • Warm compresses on the lower back
  • wearing a maternity support belt
  • using a good back support
  • take care while changing positions
  • resting


Most common causes of second trimester pain do not require medical attention. However, pain at this stage of pregnancy can signify a problem, such as preterm labor, an infection, or another complication.

See a doctor if any of the following symptoms develop:

  • contractions that occur at regular intervals
  • vaginal pressure
  • vaginal bleeding
  • a severe headache
  • sharp pain in the belly that persists, even after resting or changing positions
  • vomiting, chills, or fever
  • menstrual-like cramps that grow more severe over time
  • fluid leaking from the vagina
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