Footwear for Mommy and Kids

We are currently going through the most difficult period in human history, the like of which is unparalleled in the last hundred years where social distacing has become a norm. While the joyous festival of the Muslim Ummah, Eid-ul-Fitr, is just a few days away, the current situation is not allowing us to shop in the bazaars late at night as we used to do in the past and celebrate our Eid with colorful clothings to make it memorable.

Today’s age of technology and social media has made our lives easier and simpler. In the past few days we have provided a list of well-known and reputable online stores to facilitate our loved ones online shopping for Eid. Now we are coming up with list of online stores where you can purchase beautiful footwear for you and for your kids from the comfort of your home.

Footwear Stores for the little one’s:

Footwear Stores for Women:

We hope this list is helpful to our Mommies as well as our local brands by promoting them. Let us know in the comments if this was useful for you!

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