Know Your Child


His 3 year old was becoming aggressive, her 6 year old was suffering from inferiority complex, and, his 10 year old was into bullying and ragging and their 15 year old was doing drugs.

Knowing your child

Getting to know your child isn’t always as easy as it seems. It requires tuning into him/her and tuning out what others and he/she might be doing. Knowing your child inside out is one of the most important aspects of parenting. Your child’s development, passion for aspirations and drive to realize their dreams depends on the extent to which you know your child because you have to know them to support them and their dreams.  Not knowing what your child is up to and into could cause serious damage to his/her life and to the lives of others as well.


Why to Know?

A lot of us parents nowadays consider it as a privacy invasion and broadly a sin to inquire our kids about what they do, where they do and with whom they do? We have started giving undue room to our child’s freedom and independence that it ends up detaching us from them thus categorizing us as their guardians than parents (former is just a facilitator whereas the latter is a keeper).

Unfortunately the more the media, information industry and the society has become liberal yet indifferent and dynamic, the more it has the strength to transfer its corrupt unethical aspects and practices into an individual’s mind. I firmly believe that under the hood of ‘’freedom of speech and expression’’, our media and the people around have consciously started targeting our values, our religions, our code of life and our character.

Consequently, there is an increasing number of young smokers, a rise in aggressiveness and hatred among the youth, a decline in emotions like sympathy, care and empathy and eventually a decay in the character of our youngsters.

What to Know?

Being a parent, it’s your right to know and duty to inquire about your child’s activities. You should do the following things:


What cartoon does your child watch?

A lot of cartoons nowadays contain explicit content (e.g. cartoon characters wearing dresses that promotes vulgarity and nudity, cartoon characters exhibiting affection towards each other, cartoon characters using obscene language)


What game does your child play?

Games like Fortnight promote violence, bloodshed and insensitivity. It aims at making your child indifferent to inflicting harm and torture on people and thereof gaining satisfaction by killing humans.


Who are the friends he/she hangs out with?

Drugs, child trafficking, abduction for ransom have become very common nowadays but it is alarming that it is usually done by the people around us whom we know and whom we hang out with. Your child’s friend might be taking drugs, your child’s friend might be carrying a weapon, and your child’s friend might be blackmailing him/her for any of his /her actions.

What type of events do they attend?

Be it religious, scholastic, academic or personal, what type of events is your child going to. Ask him/her about the organizers and agenda of the event.


Whom are they friends with at school and whom are they grouping against?

Nowadays bullying is considered as disease that affects a lot of the youngsters therefore it is important to know whether your child is bullying or being bullied.

Above listed questions are some of the very basics that we should know about our child to ensure his/her safe upbringing and in case of any problem, the same can be addressed duly in time to avoid any serious damages.

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