Disconnect…to Reconnect!


Time is money and money is our most valued asset. We earn it to give our family a comfortable lifestyle and all the happiness associated with the material things around. We buy them gadgets, we give them quality education, the best clothes, and a conducive environment at home to ensure their health development; yet everything that we can afford but it has to be the best of what we can.


Time – Our biggest Asset                                                                                                  

At the end of every fine day our kids spend with the material stuff around them, what we continuously fail to give them is our TIME. Giving time means being with them physically (which most of us manage) and mentally (which most of us fail to manage) BOTH. Most of us tend to involve our kids in activities that facilitates their physical growth and mental development but we do not realize that doing the same activities ourselves with our kids leaves a much deeper positive impact on them.

Relationship Add-Ons

By giving them sufficient time enabling us to become more than just parents benefits our relation with them in the following ways:

  • You get to know your child when you spend time with them in activities (what interests them, their mental and physical abilities, their fears etc.)
  • They confide in you when you start spending sufficient quality time with them listening to their daily routines communicating that they are important to you
  • It becomes easier for parents to deal with their children and to address their issues when they know the type of person they are
  • It instills confidence in the children when they are assured by action that they have your back and they can carry on with their passions and aspirations
  • They turn out to be more obedient, grounded and responsible individuals as they have you as role model.
  • It would give you a bigger ground to work on your child’s morality and ethics

Make it a point!

Today when you get back home, make sure you spend quality time with your kids, keeping your cellphone aside and leaving your work stress outside your home. Disconnect yourself with the outer world and reconnect yourself with your inner world i.e. your true world for which you work tirelessly but ignoring your child’s one of the basic demand from you; YOUR TIME!

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