Winter Special: The Yummiest and Healthiest Food for New Moms.

A healthy mom raises a healthy child. As a new mom, your body is going through a recovery phase. Eating right during this period can help you recover faster and refuel your body. If you are a breastfeeding mom, eating healthy is pivotal to make up for the nutrients that your body loses during breastfeeding. In our Winter Special series, we are covering some of the healthiest and yummiest foods for new moms that will help them stay healthy during their postpartum phase.

  • Fibres – These are your best friends after childbirth. Several women struggle with constipation during the postpartum phase. A high fibre diet can prevent constipation in new moms. Whole wheat roti, oats, fruits and salads are great ways to increase fibre intake in new moms. Try to avoid white bread or foods made from refined flour during this stage.
  • High Protein – Your recovering postpartum body needs an adequate portion of protein in your diet. Meat, eggs, whole grains, lentils, and nuts are excellent sources of protein so try not to miss them in your daily meals.
  • Soups and Juices – Fluids are your best friends, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom. Soups and fresh juices are nutrient-dense foods. Include chicken and mutton broth (yakhni), lentil soup, and curries in your diet to maintain adequate hydration and prevent constipation.
  • Do not miss out on Calcium – You have already lost a significant amount of this precious mineral during pregnancy, and you need even more of it after birth. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you need more calcium than ever before. Include milk, yoghurt, lassi, and smoothies in your daily diet. You can also add plenty of leafy greens, and low-fat cheese as sources of calcium.
  • Nuts – Nuts are a complete source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Eat them as a whole or make panjeeri or gur papri as healthy sweet treats and superfoods. Just do not forget to keep an eye on your portion sizes.

Have we missed out on something? Feel free to share your favourites in the comments below!

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